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Notice of Part time work for people with a full time life with request to checkout the work options of Washroom Wizard.

Washroom Wizard!, a specialized cleaning service for business restrooms, offers unique part time job options. Instead of the company dictating your work hours, the business asks the potential worker what days and times of day they are available for work. Washroom Wizard! then matches the needs of their clients with the schedule needs of the worker. This is an ideal situation for people who have other life priorities such as children, school, art and hobbies, or other work in their career. Consider if it is right for you.

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People who

People who

People who

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2 thoughts on “Work With Us!

    • Not at this time. The key to working with us is to know about you and your availability. In this way, when we do have a need for people during certain time slots we can go through our file of applicants to see if there are any matches.

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