Work place reality – the non-productivity conundrum

One of the services we provide is air freshener.  For a flat monthly fee we provide:

  • all of the research time needed to find and select an environmentally sound product
  • provision of all equipment
  • installation of equipment
  • replacement of equipment as it wears out
  • all the supplies needed for servicing (air freshener elements, batteries, etc.)
  • labor and expertise to service the air freshener unit

When you compare this service to the prospect of doing it in-house, you have the present workplace reality.

  • The cash outlay to buy a case toxic air fresheners from a supplier is minimal.
  • You install it, then you have to find a place to store the product.
  • When it comes time to service the unit your employee gets distracted with their primary job responsibilities and forgets to do it.
  • Or they go to service the units but someone has moved the case of product and they can’t find it.
  • Even if you can manage to keep the units serviced; you will run out of the product and no one will know that it needs to be reordered or even remember what they ordered from whom.

This results in you paying for unproductive employee time and periods of time when there is no odor control.  Work place reality.  So the non-productivity conundrum is “What is the real cost to your business?”

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