The Reason May Not Be Apparent

At the conclusion of our service delivery we leave this card with each of our clients. This card looks like it is designed for customer relations; and, it is. However, that is only part of the story.

Some of our customers use it as part of their accounting process. It gets forwarded to a bookkeeper who can compare the invoice to the cards received.

It is a good piece for marketing because it succinctly communicates what our clients can expect as a result of our service call. The words are good, the picture says it all.

The card provides a quick method for communicating any questions, comments, complaints, or commendations regarding the service call just completed.

So, now we are getting close for the real reason for this card: ACCOUNTABILITY.

This card is designed for the worker. When the worker dates and signs this card, it is a testament that they have completed the work according to the high standards established by Washroom Wizard! It is a statement to the customer that the work is completed as promised.

The card is a big part of our service delivery. It’s primary function is accountability; accountability of the worker. It is an action similar to that of signing a piece of art. Our service call may not be a very creative process but this little card creates for the worker, a sense of ownership and a sense of responsibility to the customers they serve.

Just like you would not want the worker to forget to sanitize the door handle or clean the sink, delivery of this card is the last step of our cleaning routine. It is the final part of our quality control process.

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