The Flawed Benchmark of Facebook

My business, Washroom Wizard, provides restroom services to other businesses. It has two distinct markets. One is the consumer of the service, other businesses. The other is the market of prospective workers who can provide the labor of the service.

The work is very unglamorous and does not offer a career opportunity. It is, however, a good situation for those wanting supplemental income so they can reduce their debt, be full time parents, support a hobby or fulfill some other activity. Clearly the market for prospective workers is a totally different demographic from the market of customers. But, one without the other cannot exist.

In order to reach these two distinct markets I established two Facebook pages; Washroom Wizard and Part Time Work for People with a Full Time Life (my tag line for recruiting).
Part time work for people with a full time life facebook page
Since most of my market for prospective workers uses Facebook I set-up some ads to run. These ads were not approved because according to Facebook

“it violates Facebook’s Ad Guidelines by advertising “work from home”, MLM, get rich quick and other inaccurate money-making opportunities.”

Coming up next:
The Flawed Algorithms of Facebook

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