Service FAQs

(F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions

Why restrooms?

The servicing of business restrooms was chosen because:

  • management frustration with this situation is high,
  • no other service provides this type of specialty,
  • everybody wants it clean, and
  • nobody wants to clean it.

Washroom Wizard! creates a worry free work place for managers and owners of businesses so they no longer have to concern themselves with restroom cleanliness.

Who are your customers?

Busy people who want to spend their time and energy running their business without having to worry about the state of their restrooms. Since restrooms are everywhere, our clients are in no distinct industry or of any particular size.

Our customers use different methods for completing cleaning maintenance activities including employing a full time cleaning maintenance staff, contracting with a general cleaning service, or being totally reliant upon employees. Washroom Wizard! interfaces with each of these systems in a way that produces the desired result.

Regardless of your industry, size, or situation; the services of Washroom Wizard! dramatically reduce the amount of time you must spend ensuring restroom cleanliness.

How do you determine the service schedule?

Service scheduling has two faucets: the first is frequency of service, the second is day and time of day scheduling of service calls.

 Frequency of Service 

In reviewing client needs, we take into consideration factors such as:

  • restroom usage,
  • who the restrooms serve (employees?, customers?),
  • surface materials (flooring, walls, etc.),
  • business environment (e.g., office, industrial, or retail),
  • and the client’s desired standard for cleanliness.

Individual restrooms within the same business can be on different cleaning schedules if that is what our needs analysis dictates. We propose a frequency of service to meet your goals.

 Service Scheduling  The schedule for day and time of day is set in conference with you, the client. A cleaning schedule is established to take place during hours when you are open for business or when your employees are at the business.

What do you charge?

Our charges reflect the cost of meeting goals such as

  • protecting the environment,
  • providing a level of pay for our workers that encourages longevity, and
  • ensuring a reasonable profit so that the business may continue and thrive.

Charges are specific to each restroom within a business and consider the factors mentioned above as well as the size of the restroom(s), the number of restrooms, who the restroom(s) serve, client goals for cleanliness and frequency of service.

For weekly service in a single restroom our charges begin at $24. For information specific to your situation please click H E R E.

Unlike other services that charge a flat monthly fee, Washroom Wizard! charges only for the work that we do. You are never charged for work that is not done. If your business is closed on holidays and we don’t work, you are not charged. If there is a problem with the sewer system, the restrooms are closed, and we don’t work; you are not charged.

What is your approach to business?
The biggest driving force in the way we operate is to consider what we would want from a business that is serving us.
We want our services to provide solutions, solutions that free our customers to attend to their business.
Service delivery must meet or exceed the level of service promised.
When it comes to the environment there is only one choice: to protect it. From this choice then evolves other aspects of our business operation.
Who does the work?

Washroom Wizard! seeks out people who have traits appropriate for the work. These include:

  • a desire to contribute in a positive way to the lives of others,
  • a preference to see the immediate results of their work,
  • a work ethic which competes with their own last best performance,
  • a preference for physically active work,
  • an ability to see details, and
  • a resilient self image coupled with a solemn sense of humility.
How do you ensure quality?

The components to the “how” of what we do include:

  • systematic procedures,
  • thorough training, and a
  • comprehensive quality control program.

Our system of work is a synergistic relationship among our equipment, cleaning products, and methods. The procedures we have developed allow us to complete our work in an efficient manner while at the same time producing the highest quality result possible.
Without appropriate training, however, these results are not attainable. From the very beginning we work one-on-one with our people. This ensures that our people are able to perform the work to the high standards that our customers have come to expect.

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