Air Freshener Service

The best way to describe Washroom Wizard’s air freshener service is…
Aromatherapy for your business restroom


List of benefits for the air freshener service offered by Washroom Wizard including the use of natural elements and the neutralization of odors instead of masking them with chemicals.Washroom Wizard’s air freshener service eliminates odors with natural ingredients.  Unlike other services and products, it contains no hazardous elements.  And like the rest of our operation, we continually seek out ways to reuse and recycle.  Our service not only recycles the batteries that are used but also employs a modular air freshener unit which allows us to reuse serviceable parts and recycle worn out parts.  See how our service compares with others in the chart below.

Comparison chart of Washroom Wizard! air freshener service to other services

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