Odor Control Service in Restrooms-A Value Perspective

There are two ways of looking at the value an air freshener service provides from the perspective of a business owner.  The first is to outline what you get when you buy a service.  This outline is commonly called features.

  • Installation of unit
  • Servicing of unit
  • Provision of supplies

Looking at this list does not really convey much in the way of value.  These facts, however, can be translated into a way of looking at the service from another value perspective called benefits.

In light of these features, let us now consider what you, as a business owner, will NOT be experiencing when you hire our service as opposed to trying to do it in-house. When you have the air freshener service of Washroom Wizard!, what you would NOT experience is:

  • time out of your day to survey all the available resources for odor control just to find out everything available to you has toxic elements,
  • once you purchase a unit, trying to figure out the best place to locate the unit in your restroom,
  • getting the tools together that you need for installation,
  • once it is installed, forgetting to tell your employee to service the odor control unit when it is needed,
  • training your employee regarding how to service the unit,
  • training another employee because the first one you trained quit,
  • running out of the batteries that keep the unit functional,
  • not being able to find the air freshener elements that go into the unit (didn’t you put them is the store room on the 3rd shelf?  They’re not there now!), and
  • forgetting to order supplies for the unit before you run out.

So, what is your time worth?

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