Culture: Our Business Code of Conduct

To create work that enhances the life of the individual

To provide solutions for businesses regarding problems of restroom cleanliness



  • to provide consistent, reliable high quality cleaning service results with every service call regardless of who does the work
  • to incorporate within our service offerings the latest in technological advancements that promote the health and well being of our clients


  • to support individuals through work that does not interfere with other priorities in their lives
  • to create part time, flexible work at reasonable pay
  • to have a pay scale that exceeds the industry standard
  • to create a culture of work where people are on a waiting list to work with us


  • to be at the forefront in the adaptation of tools and methods which protect our environment
  • to operate responsibly regarding our environment by developing and implementing methods unique to our service


  • to be a model for alternatives which define the relationship between business structure/operations and the worker and their needs


  • to be the benchmark for standards within our field of expertise
  • to buoy the image of cleaning service workers
  • to challenge the cleaning service industry in the development and implementation of cleaning methods which produce better results

Client Relationship

  • To ensure that service provision is contemporaneous with client needs

Worker Training

  • To educate the worker in the “why” of the work as well as the “how to”
* Our environment includes:
 people - the worker and the facility patron
 natural resources - water, air, and land
 technology - equipment and supplies used in service provision


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