Business For Sale

Women's and Men's doors leading to restrooms

Specialized Cleaning Service FOR SALE

Washroom Wizard! is the preeminent service for business restrooms in Bellingham and Whatcom County, Washington. Due to other business interests, the owner is now offering the business for sale. Highlights of the company and their service include:

  • Unique specialty of cleaning restrooms for businesses
  • Proprietary methods and protocols ensure consistent service delivery and results
  • Extended history of premium service delivery
  • First (and only, for over a decade) environmentally certified cleaning service in the area
  • Stable customer base with lots of room for expansion
  • Excellent potential for adding additional markets
  • Service specialty is universal, it applies to all businesses in all industries
  • Average length of customer relationship is 10 years and 6 months
  • Length of patronage ranges from 1.5 years to 23.5 years
  • Annual billable of 100K+
  • Staff of 4 part time cleaners and one administrator
  • Average length of service for cleaning personnel is 6+ years
This has been a great business to create and operate but it is time to consider turning it over to someone with the energy to continue building its potential.

Why should YOU consider this business opportunity?

The business offers several advantages to a new owner regardless of their present situation. If you have a:

related business located outside of the present market area
  • Washroom Wizard! customers provide a solid base for expansion of your company into a new geographic area
  • Washroom Wizard! customers are a ready market for other services you provide
  • the specialty service can be offered to your present client base creating an immediate increase in revenues
related business located within the present market area
  • expansion of the services you offer with a specialty that all businesses need
  • an immediate increase in the number of customers you serve
  • potential for selling your present service offerings to the customer list of Washroom Wizard!
  • potential for adding Washroom Wizard! services to your present customer base providing an immediate increase in cash flow
desire to own and operate your own business
  • Business is fully functional with well trained people
  • Solid customer base with excellent working relationships
  • Broad selection of marketing materials and methods available for growing the business

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