No, dummies can’t clean

Every once in a great while I do find a little wisdom on the internet when it comes to cleaning services. Regretfully, I did not record the source when I saved the excerpt below.

Money and Time Considerations

Some business owners seek cost efficiency by outsourcing to companies providing cleaning services.

They do this because they understand attempting to use in-house resources can take valuable time away from core business needs.

Outsourcing cleaning services allows in-house resources to continually support the primary business rather than dedicating them to cleaning and maintenance issues.

I wish that more people were this savvy. I have seen this type of benefit, over and over again, with my clients. They have more of a payback as a result of the professional cleaning services we provide than the cost of those services to the business.

This benefit comes in the form of high employee morale resulting in increased productivity, happy customers that share their experiences with others, and the lifting of stress from the owner because they no longer spend their time and energy disciplining employees for not cleaning.

There is, however, one very important point that was left out. The statement, even though it recognizes the value to business of outsourcing cleaning services, seems to erroneously presume that anyone can clean.

When I started my business, I naively presumed that I could teach anyone to clean. Boy was I wrong. I found that some people just don’t see dirt. The level of perceptual detail to even identify places that need to be cleaned cannot be taught. I also found that some people can’t move their bodies in a fashion that would allow them to complete the work efficiently.

So when one presumes that anyone can clean; that’s like saying anyone can dance, anyone can do math, anyone can be an artist or an accountant or a chemist. We all have different skills. Yet, when it comes to cleaning, it seems that the mantra “any dummy can clean” is a hard one to dispel.

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