About Us

We are committed to:
  • Creating Economic value through work creation
  • Protecting the Environment

    • the earth
    • the worker
    • our customer
    • our customer’s employees
    • our customers’ customers

  • Ensuring the benefits we promise our customers are a reality
    • management support
    • business image
    • physical health of users
    • employee morale
    • building/facility health
    • our customers’ customers

  • Supporting our community by providing unique part time work opportunities
  • Contributing to the life of our workers through a supportive work relationship

Eagle & Waterfall

Business Culture

Click on the image above to read about our vision, mission and values on our culture page.
This page outlines the code of conduct we adhere to in our business operations.

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Work with Us

See some of the reasons people work with us. View our detailed job description and application materials.

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