‘No matter how successful….your business is no better than its bathrooms’

Cleaning and Odor Control Solutions for Business Restrooms in the Northwest

From the floor you walk on, to the air you breathe, Washroom Wizard! magically transforms your restroom.  The specialized services of Washroom Wizard! provide businesses with solutions to problems with restroom care.  Although this is what we do, the reasons our customers retain our services are not related to cleaning.

The common factor among our clients is their understanding that the value of our services extends beyond the nature of our work.  The freedom from worry that they experience because they no longer “have to think about it” is the common motivating factor for using our services.  Washroom Wizard! is not only a specialized cleaning service but also a service that:

  •   saves valuable management time,
  •   raises employee morale,
  •   retains customers,
  •   enhances business image,
  •   contributes to health and safety,
  •   lowers maintenance costs of a facility, and
  •   reduces the overall cost of doing business.

If this is what you want for your business, you too can have the same freedom from worry as our customers and never “have to think about it” again.

The quote at the top of the page is From a 1997 article in the bellingham business journal by Management Consultant Mike Woodruff

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